When we say “ask” in the context of revealing our greatness we are referring to the process of clearly articulating that which we truly desire.

To be clear, we are not referring to the things you can already say you want; those top-of-the-mind items you long to have mostly because you don’t currently have them.  We are explicitly referring to the experiences your soul thirsts for on your journey of self actualization.  Take this example: most of us can say we want more money.  What experience of life would you have if money was not a concern? AskImage

When you stop to consider your entire life has been a series of experiences (desired or otherwise), you begin to appreciate the power behind “asking” for the experiences you desire. In this process, it matters not “who” you are asking. What matters is that you ask!

Full expression of personal greatness begins the moment we consciously choose the experiences we desire to have. We move away from living by chance and circumstance into conscious living.

The more practiced we are in the process of “asking” the clearer we are about our true nature.  And clear people, are power-ful people.


One thought on “Ask

  1. My Dearest Keisha,

    Thank you so much for our wonderful visit at my home last week. What a ‘great’ space gets created for our “Greatness” when 2 or more are gathered and sharing.

    As I shared with you last month on the day that “I found my Greatness…..and It is Me”……this ‘Revelation’ brought me such wondrous Joy, such Awe for our Inner Life’s Design and such Gratitude for being able to see, feel and know this very connection to my ‘Self’ that I have been seeking for many years. It came in literally a flash. It was so clear, sooooo simple and at that very instant, I saw and recognized that my given Greatness is to Be Who I Really Am, Know What I Really Want, And Shine My Light How I Really Want. Knowing that every human on the planet has this Greatness and Light to Shine makes me very happy, inspired and Joyous to feel this connection to everyone on the planet even deeper!!

    My heart thanks you for creating this work and for doing this work yourself so you can Shine Your Light, pass the torch to me so I can now Shine My Light and so this Lighted Torch can be shared with many others!! Burn Baby Burn!!

    “How far that little candle throws its beams!” ~William Shakespeare
    “There are two ways of spreading light:
    To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~Edith Wharton

    “My Heart Is Ever At Your Service” ~ William Shakespeare

    What I got clear about as you were sharing your latest clarity regarding work, is that I had a definition of ‘J-O-B’ that was a burden and made me feel defeated and resigned. That I had to sacrifice myself and what I really wanted to do. That I had to choose either having income or doing what I wanted to do. In the moment this belief became clear, I was “Free To Be” and free of that view or, in this case, a ‘prison view’ that kept me stuck and behind bars of my own making…..(.there are many to discover and uncover).

    “Why do you stay in prison
    When the door is so wide open?” ~ Rumi, The Essential Rumi

    And even more important, I got clear, very clear, that I have been pretending and lying about wanting to work in my current biz with that belief in place and wondering why not ONE person or business has been hiring me in LA or Tucson in the last year. Now I can see that I can choose to work in my biz or something else while I also spend time creating the other things I really want to do and the way I want to do them. I’m not stuck or resigned, I’m actually excited and happy!! YEA!!

    I also got clear that I did not want to borrow money or even ask for a gift and at this moment I did not even want to work in Tucson, I just wanted to got to LA to work. I really just wanted to trust the Universe as I always have and ask for money to show up miraculously and effortlessly. Wellllllll, the next day I got an email from the post I put on the Tucson Landmark Community asking for support with loans or gifts. A women I did not know wanted to give me a referral to women in Tucson that anonymously give a one-time, $250 donation for someone in need (which was the exact same amt. I had in mind for small loans).

    In addition, a friend had covered my rent, $1,300, until money came from my brother which showed up on Friday afternoon in the form of cash. My friend told me to just keep it until Monday when we would have lunch. I needed to pay my storage and buy food and gas and was trying to borrow it from another friend I could not reach. My friend then said, ” why don’t you just use the cash you have for me, get your tires and DMV and pay your bills–it’ doesn’t matter who you borrow the money from—and I don’t care if you pay me back in 20 years………just get yourself to California.

    So, because I was able to get Clear in our sharing, Align with my Truth and then Ask for what I Really Wanted, which I didn’t even write down, the Universe immediately provided exactly what I asked for without any thinking, figuring it out or asking for any loans on my part. That is what I call Miraculously and Effortlessly!!

    “You are a divine blessing to the world. ” ~Jen Frances, The Blessing Maven

    “Creating moments of awe and beauty that engenders love for self, others, and the world.” ~Jen Frances, The Blessing Maven,

    Love, Light and Divine Blessings,


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