When we say “appreciate” in the context of revealing our greatness we are referring to the process of acknowledging our true SELF and expanding our capacity to create, have, and experience our heart’s desires.

ExpandHow often do you thank others for their contributions?  Do you thank yourself? How often do you look at the accomplishments of others and believe them to be powerful and “put together”?  Do you own your put-togetherness? How willing are you to congratulate another human being on their demonstration of greatness? Can you accept that their presence is mirroring something for you?

We would like you to consider that your expressing of greatness radiates in magnitude as you master appreciating everything about your SELF – what you like, love and yes, even hate!

The process of “appreciating” is perhaps the most invigorating, deliciously naturally and sexy phases in revealing personal greatness simply because it requires nothing extra. When we discover the value of appreciating in ourselves what we admire in others we experience an all new level of love. Welcome home!


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