When we say “align” in the context of expressing personal greatness we are referring to the process of clearing away that which has kept you from having what you deeply desire.

VaseAttempting to fill an already full vessel is both ineffective and fruitless.  Picture this…a beautiful crystal vase full of flowers, some vibrant others beginning to wilt.  You have discovered a new variety of flower that you desire to add to the mix but there’s no more room.  Isn’t it quite natural to remove the flowers that have started to decay making room for the new? Of course it is.

In the process of “aligning” we discover the power of  releasing thoughts, beliefs, material items, relationships, etc. that hold distracting energy. Our only intention is to recognize – and tell the truth about – what is now standing in the way of having what we desire.  The rest takes care of itself.  Meaning, it is absolutely not necessary for any of us to force radical changes in our lives in order to have what we’ve asked for – so don’t go quitting your job because you’ve asked for a new one!

Our purpose in this phase is learning to “befriend” all of our emotions (especially those related to loss).  We have them for a reason and in this process phase we learn to hear the valuable messages they deliver – we learn to strengthen our clarity.  The practice of acknowledging our natural emotions without dulling or deadening them takes great courage.  The great news… each of us is already equipped to master this phase.  We grant ourselves permission to have our emotions without letting go of what we really desire and we reveal our greatness in magnitude.


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