When we say “allow” in the context of revealing our personal greatness we are referring to process of  recognizing and accepting the gifts of the Universe as they appear.

Most of us have been thoroughly trained to figure out what we want and construct our plans to get it.  We tell ourselves and each other that we must “work hard” and “be patient”.  We convince ourselves that we must have more something…knowledge, money, talent, contacts, status, charisma, etc. before we can somehow get results.  In turn,  we experience constant fatigue (if not physical, surly mental), worry over decisions and actions, and frustration when events or people aren’t “going the way we planned”. Where’s the fun in that?

Could there be another, natural way to manifest?  Yes! Revealing our greatness is all about the natural process of creation.

Think about those situations in your life when everything seemed to just “come together”.  Having to work exceptionally hard, worry, frustration was not a part of the experience. It can be an unfortunate suppression of our greatness to believe that it all “came together” by chance – nothing is by chance. Indeed, you were using your natural power to manifest.

The process of “allowing” is about taking the mystery out of those experiences and re-connecting with the power it takes to create with ease.  Sure, there will be actions to take – we are certainly not suggesting you sit around waiting for things to happen. We are suggesting you grant yourself permission to take those actions you are compelled to take over those you think you “should” take and allow everything else to unfold or “come together”.


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